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TK Chan ..........

" TK Chan has impressed me with his new course on " Breakthrough Success with NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) " conducted for Heitech Padu's MNBD team in Feb 2006. He has managed to capture the attention of all the participants although it is a refresher course for some of our staff. He conducted the course differently from the previous consultant by showing us the practicality of NLP techniques that can be applied to our work and life to achieve immediate results. It was really a powerful course that showed us the power of making choices to succeed in life. For majority of the participants, the most interesting part is learning how to build quick rapport and relationship with people.

Upon completing the programme, I am more aware that building rapport is very important to creating influence. Two of the participants actually showed  immediate personal change right after the workshop. I believe that it is the new awareness of knowing what they want that effected the change. "

Felina Yeoh Lay Hong
Assistant Manager, HeiTech Padu Berhad, Malaysia

 " Di dahulukan dengan jutaan terima kasih kepada tuan berkenaan dengan program “ Negotiation Secrets Using NLP “ yang saya hadiri pada 18-19 March 2008. Saya amat - amat berpuashati dan berasa “excellent” dan bangga dapat mempelajar daripada tuan kerana saya telah menggunakan kemahiran yang tersebut dalam urusan saya seharian…......Dimana pihak hotel “ 5 Bintang” memberi saya harga pakej seminar  yang dibincangkan telah dapat saya kurangkan sebanyak 36 % yang sebelum itu tidak mungkin berlaku. Oleh itu saya telah diberi “ Bintang “ dari  Ketua Jabatan saya berkenaan dari kehasilan “ NLP Negotiation skills ” yang telah saya capai. Bayangkan jika anda berada ketika itu bersama saya. Saya memang telah terima manfaat yang saya pelajari dari Tuan TK dalam kehidupan harian saya.

You are an Excellent Trainer!  Mr. TK !

Jamaludin bin Laji 
HR Executive, Organizational Learning & Development
Proton Holding Berhad, Malaysia

 " TK's presentation skills are uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. His topics are refreshing, and should be shared with all! TK's presents in a manner that is both humourous and entertaining, while still getting his message across to the entire audience. That's a hard combination to achieve, but he does it with style and grace.  TK would be a huge asset to any group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker. "

Tim Wicks 
Chief Executive Officer
Time2Shine Consulting, Australia

 "Thanks for doing great justice to the short time we have given you to deliver the NLP workshop entitled " The Technology of Change with NLP " for our South-East Asia HR team. Within the couple of hours we have with you, I am sure most of the participants manage to grasp the key concepts and are able to translate the NLP knowledge into dealing with the very rapid changes that we are currently encountering in both our professional and personal lives.

Once again, many thanks for a great and enlightening workshop!

Alfie Chew
Senior Employee Relations Advisor, South East Asia
 BP Asia Pacific ( Malaysia )Sdn Bhd

“ Thanks TK for sharing with us an insightful and reflective time understanding how to play the role of a Leader through your 1-day intensive workshop " The Power of SLS Manager @ Work". It is indeed a day of learning with fun and reminders of the basics again. In SLS we hold strongly to our Values and it is the duty of every Leader to influence their peers and subordinates, and to learn how to communicate effectively in bringing their teams forward.  You have aptly demonstrated some strong principles that help us support these competencies. “

Mrs Lim Wai Leng
Group HR Manager,  SLS Bearings (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore

"TK's programme on " Serving People First " was practical, fun, lively and interesting. It made the participants think without being led, unlike certain trainings where the participants can anticipate the training outcome / objective before completion. It is certainly one of the best trainings I have attended and I am interested to have TK run a series of short but effective trainings for continuous learning and development."

Pat Thong
National Sales Manager,  Novartis Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd

"Thank you very much for such an energetic 3-day training inBreakthrough Success with NLP ". It was really a breakthrough training for me.I have just challenged the 'Feel the FEAR and Do It Anyway' feeling. I just enrolled myself for swimming lesson yesterday. Even though I have really bad experience with water that almost threatened my life, I love to swim anyway.

Therefore, I have to challenge my FEAR and DO It Anyway."

Senior QA Manager,  TKR Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

"From my observation of the 2-day workshop " The Power of Smart Manager@ Work " conducted by TK, his training was highly interactive, interesting and active. He was able to hold the attention of the participants throughout the whole session. He was also capable of stimulating the mind in order to encourage active participation from the participants. I could see that the participants were very much motivated to contribute ideas during the group exercises.

Mr.Chan displayed excellent presentation skills and the ideas and knowledge which Mr. Chan shared with the participants were very practical and effective."

Susan Lau
Human Resources Executive, Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad

" During the 2-day intensive workshop " High-Impact Selling & High-Speed Marketing for Competitive Advantage ", one of the most important aspects of how TK assisted us was to merge the different industry within our group into a customized course program without compromising the objectives where it benefited our staff. He was able to integrate the participants and they were able to cross understand the inter-subsidiaries business."

Tomy Goh
Head of Human Resources and Administration, Bolton Berhad, Malaysia

"Since the last 3-day training on " Turning Service into Lifetime Sales " with Mr. TK Chan, our Service and Customer Service Team have not only applied its methodology & techniques in their day-to-day work; but also a change of their service attitude in managing our customers. "

Dennis Tang
Managing Director, Grundfos Pumps Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

" As a dynamic person, his personality, experience and real-life situations were proven to be practical as he incorporated all the necessary aspects into the break-out sessions for the team members to work through in the one-day workshop  " Get Smarter with Better Selling & Negotiations."

Lai Yoke King
Assistant Manager, Human Resource & Administration
 Nilai International College

" TK' s training has opened my eyes to the world of sales and marketing in his transformational 3-day programme High-impact Selling & High-Speed Marketing for Competitive Advantage"  ........ competitive and fast paced in order to be ahead of others. Additionally, his training has actually fostered closer ties amongst all the staff as it has also enabled us to boost team spirit which is critical in today's business environment. Overall, it was an investment worthwhile for the benefits of all. "

Roman Yiap
Non-Executive Director, Terra Ju Media Group

" I thoroughly enjoyed  the highly-interactive one-day seminar on " The Secrets of Winning with People ", and I believe I have gained much more than what I expected. I came with a negative attitude but you have changed my perception on a normal and ordinary seminar. I have really learned a lot and I am sure that this course will change my view on what I have always dealt with others. Hope to see you again & keep up the good work! "

Su Ann Lim
  Mulpha International Berhad


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